AFSC 2023 wrap

The Victorian domestic season culminated at AFSC 2023 in Erina, NSW. The rink is beautiful and the weather was stunning which all lead to a very relaxed and festive Championships.

I would like to acknowledge and commend all the ISV athletes who attended and competed. ISV once again proved what a powerhouse they are in figure skating in Australia. For a state with a relatively small member base and team size, we continue to produce outstanding results which is a credit to the athletes, coaches and support groups. Our athletes showed a clear improvement over the course of the season and many hit AFSC in their best conditioning and at the peak of their programs. This is the objective of every season and the podium places and season's best produced clearly show we are on the right path.

So what for next year? This outstanding season must serve as a lower benchmark and a standard that we are not to slip below. We must start having the small triples appear in our competitive programs along with level 3 and 4 footwork and spins. Our long term objective is to get more of our athletes moving up the National rankings as well as sending more away to International events.

If you think you worked hard in 2023, you must commit to working harder in 2024 and beyond. This is a hard sport and nothing comes easily. You must commit to the hard times with a view to improve at each training session. Listen to your coaches and be clear on your goals.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank ISV Board Directors Diane Di Gemma and Jane King who have put in a huge amount of work to ensure our athletes are afforded the opportunity to progress. Their efforts are very much appreciated.

So, in summary, congratulations to all Team Victoria 2023 athletes/teams who represented the state of Victoria proudly at the Australian Figure Skating Championships in Erina, New South Wales. A special acknowledgement to the athletes/teams who achieved National titles, podium positions, National Squad medals and Special Achievement Pins.
Results can be found here:

Let's do it all again and more in 2024.


Mark Storton
ISV President