Team Victoria selection

Athletes who attend the Australian Figure Skating Championships (AFSC) representing Victoria are part of Team Victoria.

To be selected for Team Victoria to attend the AFSC, athletes must obtain a qualification score as determined by Ice Skating Australia (ISA) in ISA Communication 156. ISV athletes will be ranked against these qualification scores.

All scores must be obtained in the calendar year. Athletes can obtain an ISV AFSC Qualification Score at any of the eligible qualifying events, as per ISA Communication 159.

The full qualification and selection process is outlined in the Team Victoria Selection Policy.

Athlete rankings and a list of all qualified athletes is updated regularly.

Rankings are based on the categories the athlete last competed in. Athletes who have recently tested into a new division will not yet be ranked in that new division.

ISV Qualification for AFSC 2024:

A reminder that all ISV nominated skaters need to register individually for this event.

ISV will be requested to confirm that each skater has achieved the qualifying score and the event in which the score was obtained during the calendar year.

Please refer to the AFSC Announcement (yet to be published) and follow the instructions carefully for registration.

Team Victoria 2024 to AFSC