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It's important for competitive figure skaters to keep updated with the latest rule changes and communications released.

Rules changes can come from three sources; the International Skating Union (ISU), Ice Skating Australia (ISA) and Ice Skating Victoria (ISV). Rule changes effect how athletes should be train and will directly impact the results they receive at events.

Rules for your division

  • ISA Technical Communications – Updates to rules that have not yet been amended in the ISA Rulebook and clarifications to ISU & ISA Communications and Rules.
  • ISA Rulebook & Constitution – A list of all rules of for Australian competitions
  • ISU Communications – Updates to rules that have not yet been amended in the ISU Rulebook and clarifications to ISU Communications and Rules.
  • ISU Rulebook – This is the main rulebook. ISA refers to these rules in their Rulebook

Test information

  • ISV Test Sessions – This is your go to location for booking a test in Victoria
  • ISA Test Forms – This page includes the judges paperwork, technical pattern skills sheets and additional information related to tests

Understanding your score

  • ISU Technical Panel Handbook – This is the document the Technical Panel looks at while calling the elements you perform. It is essential reading for all skaters/parents. For the younger skaters, there are images explaining spin positions from page 13


ISA Insurance

The Ice Skating Australia insurance in included as part of your ISV/ISA membership. Your cover applies any time while participating in official club or association activities, including playing, training, coaching, travelling to/from, administrating and organising Ice Skating activities as well as organised social and fundraising activities.

More information can be found on the ISA Insurance Information page.

ISA International assignments

Refer to the ISA website.

Athlete hub

Planned Program Content

Skaters who compete under the international judging system (IJS) are required to complete a planned program content sheet (PPC) as part of their entry into competitions.

Team Victoria selection

Athletes who attend the Australian Figure Skating Championships (AFSC) representing Victoria are part of Team Victoria.

Proof of Age

Proof of Age (POA) registration is compulsory for all skaters competing in all ISA divisions from Preliminary up to Senior, including all Synchronized skaters, Adults and TOI.

ISV Merchandise

Ice Skating Victoria offers branded merchandise to present Victoria at interstate competitions.