Events require large panels of officials completing many different roles to produce skaters results.

The roles these officials undertake are:

  • Referee – Runs the judging panel and is in overall control of the event. Deals with all skater and coach inquiries.
  • Judge – evaluates the quality of the skater’s performance
  • Technical Controller – works with the Specialists and liaises with the Referee. Gives final approval of entered data.
  • Technical Specialist – Identifies and calls the program elements as per ISU guidelines.
  • Assistant Technical Specialist
  • Accountant – prepares the paperwork, assists with set up and operation of the computer system
  • Data Entry – enters program elements as called by the Technical Panel
  • Replay Operator – Prepares the video replay for the judges and tech panel

If you are interested in becoming involved in any of these roles please contact the ISV Judging Convener, Mark Storton: [email protected]

Judges – general information

Technical Panel

Rule Books – ISU

Working With Children Checks

It is a requirement of Victorian law that any volunteer over the age of 18 has a valid working with children check when volunteering. Please view the volunteer for more details.