Test sessions

In accordance with Ice Skating Australia Rules and Regulations, ISV conducts ISA Tests throughout the year.

All tests undertaken in Victoria must have the appropriate paperwork and payment submitted 14 days prior to the test session. If a skater fails a test, they may not repeat the same test for a minimum of 28 days (as per ISA Rulebook Section 2, Rule 204).

To view all rules relating to ISA Tests, and their eligibility, please refer to the ISA Rule Book.

ISV Rules and Regulations regarding Testing and Test Sessions can be found in the ISV Testing Protocol for ISA Tests (2019).

All ISA test sessions conducted in Victoria are run by ISV Inc. ISV manages all aspects of the test process, with assistance from club volunteers on the day of the test, filling roles including announcing, playing music and marshalling the gate.

Before booking online

  • All skaters undertaking tests must be a member of ISV, and are required to provide their ISV number at the time of booking. Membership numbers are listed on the Membership page.
  • Couples completing pairs or dance tests need to submit individual test applications online.
  • Interstate skaters need to provide details on their State Membership status on Register Now. Additional fees apply for ice time used.
  • Coaches must give approval for a skater to test. Failure to seek approval will result in forfeit of the test fee.

Please Note: Actual start and end times, along with participants, for all test sessions will be confirmed closer to the test session date.

ISV Test Coordinator

Pamela Nicol
[email protected]

Test session - Standards of conduct

When attending a test session as a participant, to support a family member, a friend, or to simply watch, please be aware:

It can be a stressful time for coaches, participants, volunteers, organisers and the judging panel and it is important that all those attending share a common understanding of the expectations of behaviour at such an event.

  • All Athletes, Officials and volunteers must be treated in a respectful and professional manner.
  • Remain seated whilst participants are undertaking their test.
  • Keep quiet during the test session. Loud conversations or discussions rink side can be distracting for those testing.
  • Do not film or photograph participants without their expressed permission.
  • Flash photography is not permitted at any time.
  • Do not approach or interrupt the judging panel. They will communicate the test outcomes to the participants and the coaches at the appropriate time.
  • If you require assistance, please approach the test convenor or the local organiser for assistance.
  • Certificates and Pins for those who successfully complete the test will be handed to the skaters after the test session.
  • Be aware that comments and opinions expressed can sometimes offend. Those attending the test should avoid comments that could be misinterpreted or cause distress.

Pricing (2023)

  • Singles patterns:
    • Preliminary  - $85
    • Elementary - $95
    • Basic Novice - $115
    • Advanced Novice - $130
    • Junior - $130
    • Senior - $130
  • Singles program:
    • Preliminary - $85
    • Elementary - $85
    • Basic Novice - $100
    • Advanced Novice - $115
    • Junior - $115
    • Senior - $115
  • Dance:
    • Per dance - $55
  • Interstate test fee - $110

Upcoming test sessions

ISV Test session 6, 2024 **EVENT CANCELLED**
2 days away

Fri 21 June, 4.30pm – 7.15pm

O'Brien Icehouse, victoria | Ice Skating Victoria
ISV Test session 7, 2024
37 days away

Fri 26 July, 4.30pm – 7.15pm

O'Brien Icehouse, victoria | Ice Skating Victoria
ISV Test session 8, 2024
86 days away

Fri 13 September, 4.30pm – 7.15pm

O'Brien Icehouse, victoria | Ice Skating Victoria
ISV Test session 9, 2024
142 days away

Fri 8 November, 4.30pm – 7.15pm

O'Brien Icehouse, victoria | Ice Skating Victoria


Competitions are regularly held in Victoria. They are run by Ice Skating Victoria, the affiliated clubs and occasionally Ice Skating Australia.


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