VFSC and SCT 2022 Wrap

Now that we have had a couple of days to decompress, ISV would like to congratulate all athletes on their great performances over the Championship weekend. The standard of competition was very high and athletes can take a great deal of comfort in the points to review and take forward into AFSC or next season.
Results can be found at:

We would like to thank all athletes, coaches, officals and families who have put in so much for our first decent season in a couple of years. None of these events can take place without the help of many volunteers and all your efforts are appreciated. Everyone has worked very hard and the results showed.

ISV would like to acknowledge the efforts of Wendy Meik who's event coordination led to a very smooth competition taking place. We would also like to thank Andrew Taylor for his efforts over many years in providing our athletes and officials an amazing technical experience. Andrew has commited countless volunteer hours in maintaining and upgrading our judging system and we thank him as he steps away from skating and seeks new adventures in life.

For all our athletes who are progressing onto AFSC and International assignments we wish you all the best. For those athletes who's season is winding down, we hope you can take a lot of positive aspects forward.

Images from this weekend’s event will be available for viewing and purchasing here https://www.melbournesportspho...
The passwords are
October8 (for the Saturday galleries)
October9 (for the Sunday galleries)

Thank you once again for enabling a great weekend of skating and we look forward to seeing you all over the end of 2022 and into 2023 and beyond.

Mark Storton
ISV President (on behalf of the ISV Board)