Skating returns in Victoria

After a long wait, tomorrow, Monday 9 November, figure skating resumes in Victoria for under 18's! This is a very exciting time after such a prolonged period off the ice. For some members, this will be their first time on the ice since 22 March.

At this stage only IceHQ is reopening with O'Brien Icehouse advising us on Thursday that they have not yet decided on an opening date.

When you make your way onto the ice for the first time, we have a couple of tips to prevent injury and make for a smooth return to the sport we all love.

  1. Check your equipment. Make sure your blades are sharp, and they are firmly attached to your boot. Screws may have come loose when your boots dried out over the long break.
  2. If you usually get blisters or rubbing from your boots, don't forget to protect your feet. No one wants a blister day one back on the ice!
  3. When you get on the ice, don't rush. Take the time to get used to your skates again. If you've been training on wheels the feeling will be different. Start with basic stroking before moving into your usual footwork warm ups.
  4. Don't try your hardest jump straight away. Use the return to skating as a good opportunity to work on your footwork and edge control. Going straight into your jumps could open you up to injury and further time off the ice.

Most importantly, when in the ice rinks remember to stay Covid Safe. Ice Skating Victoria has a Figure Skating Return to Play Plan that all figure skaters and coaches must abide by. The ice rinks will also have Covid Safe plans and strict conditions of entry that must be followed. If you notice someone doing the wrong thing, let the rink know.

You can read IceHQ's conditions of entry on their website:

Good luck on your return to skating!

Kind regards,

Andrew Taylor
Ice Skating Victoria