Provisional Team Victoria for AFSC 2019

ISV are happy to announce, in part, the make up of Team Victoria for AFSC 2019.

The link here lists the team that we can confirm as of Tuesday 22nd of October, 2019. If your name has the word "Qualified" next to it, we can confirm that you are officially on the team.

At this point there are still athletes competing at Panda Challenge in SA which may alter the qualifying order of some divisions. This is noted on the list. ISV is also subject to possible changes imposed by ISA depending on withdrawls but we would expect any such changes to be minimal.

If your name is on the list with any status designation you may enter AFSC 2019 for process sake, however it must be understood that the final make up of the team could potentially mean that some athletes will have their entry money refunded and will not be included in the final team. 

A further note:
ISA may be extending the entry date due to ACT Championships and the skating community will be notified in due course.