ISA development camp 2018

ISA development camp 2018

This week OBGA hosted the ISA Development Camp with Canadian Olympians Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford here as facilitators.

All reports from participants and coaches who attended was that it was a fantastic camp with many take aways. This culminated in about 600 people watching the Gala last night in which Meagan and Eric performed a couple of numbers and our own athletes also performed.

Meagan and Eric were the definition of professional and engaged with our athletes at all levels. They have inspired many of them with their hard work and work ethic and were very approachable for clarifications and comments then photo and autograph opportunities.

ISV would like to thank ISA for their work in giving our athletes this amazing opportunity. Particular thanks and acknowledgement goes to Clarence Ong, ISA High Performance Director, for his unstinting efforts in engaging with Megan and Eric and doing an enormous amount of planning and hard work to make this camp a reality.

ISV would also like to thank Paul Keisler and OBGA for their support and Dorothy and Phil Bisset for their roles in bringing the Gala together.

With this peek behind the curtain of what world leading athletes do, we hope our own athletes will take the lessons learnt and that this season’s programs will be very special.