AFSC 2017 wrap and other things

AFSC 2017 wrap and other things

With the completion of AFSC 2017 in Brisbane, we come to the end of another domestic season. I would like to congratulate Team Victoria for an incredible performance and for showing such good team spirit and camaraderie.

The various Facebook accounts I’ve seen have covered the day to day results along with some great photos, but for those who would like to dig a bit deeper, results can be found here:

We had some amazing performances and some very nice podium results. These should all be celebrated for what they are but all athletes gave it their best shot and ISV is extremely proud of you all. Our athlete base is very strong right now and we are more than competitive against the rest of the country. We are covering the ice with the best of them and have competitive elements that are as good if not better.

Where to for 2018? It is my Christmas wish that we see a lot of movement upwards in the divisions along with new names coming into Basic Novice A and B and it is possible we may see some athletes moving into the Junior division which will be very exciting. I am also anticipating a sprinkling of Double Axels to make an appearance along with the odd small triple, two signs that we are really heading in a good direction. The various component skills of our athletes is continuing to improve. The improvement in the skater base over the last two years has been nothing short of astonishing and credit must go to both the athletes and the coaches for their efforts. If you are considering moving up a division, I would heartily encourage you to do so as you will be the better athlete for it and skating in this state will continue to improve. As always, listen to your coaches in regards to this, they have seen what is happening in other states and they know what you are capable of.

I look forward to seeing you all in 2018 and judging some brilliant skating.

Mark Storton
ISV Vice President/ISV Judge