The information listed below is about Victorian events.  Some of the event details on this page have been transcribed from their respective event pages on external websites and communications.  Please ensure to check this page and the original pages frequently for updates. Links to the original content are included where applicable.

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Autumn Challenge 2018

Dates: Saturday May 5th, 2018
Venue: OBGA, Pearl River Road, Docklands, Victoria, Australia
Close of entries: 11pm Thursday 21st April 2018 (no late entries accepted)

Event information:
Announcement  – Here

Crystal Challenge 2018

Dates: August 9th – 12th, 2018
Venue: OBGA, Pearl River Road, Docklands, Victoria, Australia
Close of entries: Entries closed

Event information:
Announcement  – TBA

About VFSC and SCT

Victorian Figure Skating Championships provides opportunity for skaters from Basic Novice A to Senior levels, and Adult Bronze to Masters Elite, as well as Synchro, to qualify for AFSC.

Southern Cross Trophy holds competition for all divisions from Aussie Skate Free Skate 1-4, as well as the lower IJS levels, Preliminary, Elementary, and Adult Copper.

These events mark the highlight of the competitive calendar for Victorian skaters.
As VFSC is a qualifying event for AFSC (Australian Figure Skating Championships), qualifying TES scores need to be attained to claim a championship title and to be nominated to AFSC.

For details regarding qualification and scores, please see the ISV AFSC Qualification Scores Policy.