The council

The ISV Council has nine elected members who fill four executive roles and five general council positions. There are also three club delegates.

Each ISV affiliated club has a representative that attends the meetings on their behalf. The affiliated club representatives are equal members of the committee with full voting rights and are included on all council business. Part of their role is to report back relevant information to their club committee.

Similar to the affiliated clubs, the Victorian Professional Skaters Association (VPSA), the administrative body for all registered Victorian coaches, has a representative on the council. This role does not hold voting rights. The VPSA representative is the communication channel between ISV and the VPSA members.

There are currently 12 voting members that make up the Ice Skating Victoria Council.

Andrew Taylor


Lexi Wooderson

Vice President

Mike Thacker


Sadie Thomas


Phil Bisset


Wendy Meik


Pamela Nicol


Catherine Santos


Mark Storton


Caroline Tudor

VSIC delegate


MFSC delegate


OFSC delegate

About ISV

Ice Skating Victoria Incorporated (ISV) is the state administrative body for all disciplines of figure skating in Victoria.

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Ice Skating Victoria's 107th Annual General Meeting was on Saturday 1 February 2020.

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The policies of Ice Skating Victoria (ISV) govern how the sport of Figure Skating is run in the state.

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