Update to ISV Qualifying for AFSC 2016

It is very exciting to see the number of athletes who have attained the ISV qualifying score for AFSC 2016. The recent Crystal Challenge event at OBGA gave many athletes an opportunity to post a score and ISV congratulates those skaters who did so along with those still on their journey. There are four remaining ISA Benchmark events for this season.

Athletes and coaches are reminded that ISV is bound by the rulings of ISA in regards to the number of athletes we can nominate for Championships. This is covered in ISA Rule 519 (http://media.wix.com/ugd/793a42_8f93adb4d98a4311b7c52a5591b2f3da.pdf) but essentially each state can nominate 4 athletes, the home state can send a 5th and after that is up for discussion and is at the discretion of ISA as other states also want to send extras. So at this point, coaches and athletes should be focused on the top 5 athletes by score going and any after that is a bonus.

With this in mind, we currently have 11 Basic Novice A skaters with the qualifying score and 2 Basic Novice B. Coaches may want to look at upcoming test sessions and the remaining ISA Benchmark events (of which VFSC is one) and determine whether the prospect of skating up in Basic Novice B could fit into the season’s planning. This is only a suggestion and ISV will be endeavouring to get ISA approval for as many skaters as we can in Basic Novice A. An up to date list of our athletes who have attained our qualifying score can be found here – http://iceskatingvictoria.org.au/athlete-hub/afsc-qualification/

ISV would like to wish all our athletes and coaches continued success in what has been an amazing season so far. The scores we are posting and the placements we are attaining is testament to a lot of hard work and dedication and you are all to be congratulated.

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