ISV Qualifying Scores for AFSC 2016

ISV are pleased to announce the qualifying scores required by ISV athletes intending to compete at AFSC 2016.
Further to this, here is the link to athletes who have already attained their scores.
ISV’s AFSC Qualification Scores policy may be read here

The Qualification Scores for the 2016 season are as follows:
Table A

Division TES Division TES
Basic Novice A Ladies 7.9 Basic Novice A Men 7.9
Basic Novice B Ladies 10.3 Basic Novice B Men 10.9
Intermediate Ladies 10.3 Intermediate Men 10.9
Advanced Novice Ladies 10.8 Advanced Novice Men 11.2
Junior Ladies 12.5 – No Athletes Junior Men 15.8 – No Athletes
Senior Ladies 18.1 – No Athletes Senior Men 18.5 – No Athletes
Basic Novice B Dance 5.3 Advanced Novice Dance 8.5
Adult Silver Ladies 10.6 Adult Silver Men 10.6
Adult Gold Ladies 10.9 Adult Gold Men 10.9
Adult Masters Ladies 12.6 Adult Masters Men 12.6
Adult Elite Ladies 12.6 Adult Elite Men 12.6
Adult Synchro 13.7 Basic Novice Synchro 13.0

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