A wide range of officials are involved at Figure Skating events including:

  • Referee – Runs the judging panel and is in overall control of the event. Deals with all skater and coach inquiries.
  • Judge – evaluates the quality of the skater’s performance
  • Technical Controller – works with the Specialists and liaises with the Referee. Gives final approval of entered data.
  • Technical Specialist  – Identifies and calls the program elements as per ISU guidelines.
  • Assistant Technical Specialist
  • Accountant – prepares the paperwork, assists with set up and operation of the computer system
  • Data Entry – enters program elements as called by the Technical Panel
  • Replay Operator – Prepares the video replay for the judges and tech panel

For a more detailed description of the IJS Roles and responsibilities, please access this link from the USFS website.

If you are interested in becoming involved in any of these roles please contact the ISV Judging Convener, Mark Storton: judging@iceskatingvictoria.org.au

Judges – general information

Judges – relevant ISU Communications

Technical Panel

  • Current ISV Technical Panel
  • Technical Panel Handbooks are available on the ISA Website – Here

Rule Books – ISU

Working With Children Checks

It is a requirement of Victorian law that any volunteer over the age of 18 has a valid working with children check when volunteering.  Please view the WWCC page of this website for more details.