Ice Skating Victoria uses the International Skating Union’s Judging System produced by Swiss Timing.  The software application is run on networked computers. It is Ice Skating Victoria’s responsibility to provide the computers and volunteers to run the computers.  There are many different roles with the computer system and not all require skating knowledge.  Before events the event data is loaded onto the computers by a volunteer, then at the event a team of computer volunteers assist with the result input and production of results. Ice Skating Victoria is always after new Volunteers willing to learn the system and help out at events.  If you are a confident computer and are comfortable using programs like Microsoft Office, you will be able to learn the Judging System.

Anyone interested in volunteering for any computer system roles at competitions should contact Andrew Taylor (

The below information provides a summary of all ISU Judging System (IJS) & SkateScore related material.  Some files are specific to ISV’s system, while others are produced by the software developers.

Swiss Timing Manuals (ISU Judging System) – as at 04/09/2013

International Skating Union

IceScoreDP (Scoreboard) – Retired by ISV in 2014

SkateScore (Aussie Skate Judging System) – Retired by ISV in 2014

Ice Skating Australia Additional Files

Ice Skating Victorian Computer System


  • Results  Uploader Instructions (available upon request)
  • Results Uploader (available upon request)

Facility Instructions

Live Stream

Hardware Instruction Manuals/Drivers

ISV Computer System Setup Diagram

ISV Computer System Setup Diagram

ISV Computer System Diagram (Live Stream)

ISV Computer System Diagram (Live Stream)