The following information is about Interstate and International events.
Event details on this page have been transcribed from their respective event pages on external websites & communications.  Please ensure to check the original pages for updates frequently.  Links to the original content are included under each event.

For detailed information on how to enter events please visit the Events landing page.



Interstate Events

ACTISA Autumn Trophy 2018

Dates: May 11th – 12th, 2018
Venue: Phillip Swimming and Ice Skating Centre, ACT, Australia
Close of entries: 5pm Monday 30th April 2018

Event information:
Announcement  – Here

Hollins Trophy 2018

Dates: June 8th – 11th, 2018
Venue: Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink,Tasker Park, Phillips Avenue, Canterbury NSW
Close of entries: Friday 11th May 2018, 5:00pm

Event information:
Announcement  – Here


International Events

ISU Oceania International, 2018

Dates: May 16th – 20th, 2018
Venue: OBGA, Pearl River Road, Docklands, Victoria, Australia
Close of entries: Check announcement and ISA

Event information:
Announcement  – Here

ISA Ruling for Adult competitors at International events

ISA is aware that the ISU International Adult Figure Skating Competition 2017 announcement for Oberstdorf states, A Competitor must be an individual member of an ISU Member, or a member of a club which is itself a member of an ISU Member. Competitors do not require any Clearance Certificate or any other permission from their ISU Member for entering the Competition.

However, ISA Rule 802 states the following:
Any person seeking nomination as an Australian competitor in any international event, shall submit a request to the relevant State association, that nomination as an Australian competitor be forwarded by the Association.

Please send the completed form direct to Robi Chalmers, ISA Chair for Sport Development <>. ISA will send confirmation to the State Secretary to communicate with all competitors listed. If there are any issues, the skater will be contacted directly.

Forms should be returned as soon as possible in order to complete the approval process in a timely manner.

ISA form for Adult International events