Entering Adult International Competitions
Under the directives of the ISU, all Australian adult skaters must obtain permission from ISA to enter Adult international competitions.

This is for your own protection as ISU RULE 109 (found in ISU Communication 1420) must be observed and followed by all competitors when entering into overseas competitions.

The following procedures should be followed for Adults intending on competing in international competitions:

  1. Adult skaters must indicate their intention on competing in specific international competitions to their State Association
  2. ISV will submit this form above, to Robi Chalmers, ISA Sport Development Operational Director.
  3. The form must be submitted at least 30 days before competition date of the indicated International competition.
    • NOTE: (Skaters must advise at least 35 days before the International Competition date)
  4. Sport Development OD, Robi Chalmers will follow through with ISA and arrange Permission letters for each Adult skater.
  5. Permission letters will be sent to the relevant skaters via their State associations.

AUS Representative Jackets
More information about the Australia jackets for adult competitors can be found on the ISA website: