Saturday 24th February, 2018 @ 9:00am
O’Brien Group Arena, Docklands

At the ISV AGM all roles are up for election.  Any full ISV member is eligible to stand for council. Nomination and notices are listed below.

AGM Documents & Reports




  • Mark Storton
    I have been in the role of Vice-President for the last 3 years and would like to continue to support the great initiatives that ISV have set in place to support our membership.

Vice President

  • Sharon Hedley
    Involved in skating since 8 years of age in all aspects of the sport. Treasurer for 3 years.


  • Wendy Meik
    I have been on the Council for Ice Skating Victoria for around 14 years. I have been Councillor, Competition Convenor, Treasurer, Vice President and President. I am always keen to provide skating opportunities to all of our skaters from Aussie Skate, competitive stream, through to Adult skating whilst looking after the administrative structure of our sport.


  • Diane Di Gemma
    As a knowledgeable member of the figure skating community, I would like to contribute my organisational skills in informing the ISV community of relevant information, competitions, events and skater’s achievements as well as a photo gallery that highlights our participating members’ accomplishments in the sport.


  • Andrew Taylor
    As a previous Victorian competitor at the national level for 14 years, I transitioned to administration of the sport in 2011. Since then I have advanced ISV’s technical capabilities with my main role providing support for the judging system. I attend all major events and most minor events held in Victoria each year. I’m responsible for making sure the athletes scores are calculated correctly and quickly and results made available to the community promptly. I am also one of Victoria’s delegates to Ice Skating Australia, representing Victoria’s views at a national level for the past two years.
  • Lexi Wooderson
    Continue to support ISV
  • Phil Bisset
    I have been on council for the past 2 years. In my role overseeing the VIC Squad we have witnessed growth by our senior skaters to an unprecedented level in this state. I hope to continue this role as a general councillor in 2018.
  • Therese Caravetta
    Continue to manage ISV Memberships and POA and contribute to the skating community
  • Katherin Molnar
    Long term member of many skating associations and committees. Katherine Molnar (Caldwell) would be an excellent candidate as she’s had plenty of experience for OFSC over the years from President to Committee Member. Katherine has the ability to take on challenges for ISV as she volunteers at both rinks for competitions etc.
  • Wendy Meik
    Having sat on Council for 14 years in varying positions, I bring experience to the council to support the ongoing development of our sport.
  • Sharon Hedley
    I would like to continue to support ISV and our athletes
  • Mark Storton
    I would like to continue to support ISV in my role as Officials’ co-ordinator and General Council

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